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Nitrile rubber with low die swell for profile extrusion from Lanxess

Ngày đăng: 05/07/2013 07:24:12

Nitrile rubber with low die swell for profile extrusion from Lanxess

Friday, July 5, 2013

Leverkusen, Germany - Low die swell, a smooth surface and good green strength are the key benefits of the new pre-crosslinked nitrile rubber (NBR) Krynac XL 3355 VP from LANXESS. This new high-quality material is perfect for applications such as extruding oil-resistant rubber profiles and calendering. “The challenge NBR users are facing when extruding profiles is the relatively high die swell of conventional nitrile rubber,” says Robert Stäber, a synthetic rubber expert at specialty chemicals company LANXESS. “Using pre-crosslinked rubber helps make this less of a problem. Krynac XL 3355 VP, for example, reduces die swell by up to 80 percent. Another important benefit of Krynac XL 3355 VP is that pre-crosslinking stabilizes the unvulcanized profile. This material is therefore ideal for making products with a highly complex cross-section that need to combine excellent dimensional stability with high-quality, smooth surfaces,” he adds. A further advantage of the new pre-crosslinked synthetic rubber from one of the world’s most experienced NBR suppliers is its innovative, low-cost manufacturing process, which also makes it a cost-efficient alternative to comparable materials. As Stäber explains, “our goal for the future is to make even more effective use of our key strengths as a synthetic rubber pioneer with over 100 years’ experience. This not only means being proactive when it comes to identifying new applications for the existing high-performance elastomers in our product portfolio, but also increasingly developing new highly specialized NBR grades for promising niche markets. In the future, we will therefore continue to explore applications where our nitrile rubber specialties and LANXESS know-how can solve major customer problems. Krynac XL 3355 VP is a prime example of this.” Krynac XL 3355 VP has an acrylonitrile content of 33 ± 2.5 percent by weight and a Mooney viscosity (ML (1+4) 100 °C) of 55 ± 10 MU (ISO 289/ASTM D 1646). This synthetic rubber is supplied in 25 kg bales.

(Source: Rubber World)

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